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This website is all about managing web traffic. Just as shops have footfall, websites have eyefall – the measure of how many people see a website.

Web Traffic Analytics

If you don't already keep an eye out on your website analytics you are missing out on some really useful marketing data.

If you do keep an eye on your website activity you may not understand the limits of current 'off the shelf' items which could affect the precision of the data you get.  Many companies are still unconscious that they could be using imprecise or untrue information, obtained from log files, to make their company choices.

We use an advanced page tagging system, which eradicates the necessity to download log files and makes sure that information is up to 90% more precise.

The use of page tagging also allows information to be displayed in real time offering live information to be put into customised reports swiftly and effortlessly and sent automatically, by email, without the need to download log files.

Reporting features

The reporting is very customisable, but can include:

  • Any amount of variables from your site at any time
  • How many people are active on your site at this moment
  • Site entry and exit points, such as funnel reports for essential processes.
  • Income generating activities in real time.

Our reports are very accessible to both technical and non-technical managers.

Welcome to Web Traffic Analysis

Shops have footfall, websites have eyefall


Utility is about finding exactly what your users want when they go to your site.  This includes content, services and functionality - and even what you shouldn’t include.

  • Focus groups, well-crafted interviews and contextual research.
  • Prioritising possible tasks users will want to do.
  • Developing 'personas' to assist you in designing for your real audience.
  • Identifying vital audiences.
  • Highlighting when visitors want alternatives to an online transaction.


All companies are aware of the necessity for "usability", which we define as:

  • Effectiveness - can people use the data and functionality on your site?
  • Efficiency - can they do things in a decent timeframe?
  • Satisfaction - do they have fun with the experience?

We have three key services to help you maximise usability:

Usability consultancy - a reduced cost overview of usability problems on your website

Usability testing - noting real users in the lab to spot problems, and then providing solutions

Usability training – improving the skills of your developers and designers so that they incorporate good usability on every new site

We are frequently commissioned by overseas user-experience agencies performing international usability tests who want to find a competent research partner in the UK.


There are huge numbers of blind, partially sighted and otherwise disabled people who wish to use the internet but only a small number of sites are entirely accessible to them.

UK legislation means that your company has to take accessibility seriously.

Accessibility audit - shows how you can gain compliance with the legislation.

Accessibility training – enables designers and developers to build in accessibility on each new site.

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